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The Rivers Casino: Never again!

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  • The Rivers Casino: Never again!

    Boy were we disappointed in the New Rivers Casino. The truth is that the only nice thing about Rivers Casino is the atmosphere. But what does that matter when everything else about the place stinks?

    What are our specific complaints? First of all, we play video Keno. Out of 3,000 machines, there are only SIX video Keno machines on the floor. AND they don't even pay the full amount. That is if they paid at all, which they don't.

    There are also a few Keno machines at the bar, but VERY FEW. Next, the place is FREEZING COLD! Just awful. And yes, they charge an arm and a leg for parking. I think $8.

    They said the bar would open at 10:00, but no one ever showed up. EVER. And lastly, it is hard getting there. Just too much work for what you get. So I would recommend going to Meadows.

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