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Mohegan Sun Casino: poor customer service

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  • Mohegan Sun Casino: poor customer service

    Seemed to be a good selection of slots, but the way they deal with excess change (any amount over an exact multiple of the denomination of the game you're playing) is different from any other casino i've been to.

    When i went from a penny machine to a quarter machine, the machine spit out a 14 cent voucher (the amount over an even number of quarters). I didn't look at the voucher and tried to put it back in a couple of times. It kept spitting it out, so i walked away. i got about 50 feet from the machine and realized that it was for 14 cents and not the $20.89 i had on my original voucher.

    I immediately went back to the machine and my money was gone. Someone had cashed it out. I immediately got a security guard, who said it happens all the time. I went to security (i know they have cameras and can tell exactly who took my money), but they were no help.

    i'm not a big gambler, i go mostly for the that probably figured into it. When i returned home, i wrote to the management with all the details (voucher #, etc.) and got NO reply.

    You'd think, in the interest of customer satisfaction, that they'd at least send me a voucher or something. NOTHING! i won't be back. (the ratings that i've given a "3" to are because i couldn't submit this form without rating everything....there should be an "n/a" choice)

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