As a Pittsburgh native and an experienced slot player, I was anxious for the arrival of the Rivers Casino. It is gorgeous....however the purpose of a casino,in my mind, is to be entertained, not win, but enjoy.

But what a price you pay to play at the Rivers. I have never felt so ripped off or taken in my 20 plus slot playing years. For the amount of money I pumped into the machines and for what little play back I received I was angry enough to say I will never go back. (the Rivers is 3 minutes from my front door). Take your play money to the Meadows where you can be entertained for an afternoon without feeling as if you where robbed. To add insult to injury I enjoy the 1,2, 5 cent machines, you can spend a $20.00 in a minute...every winner that was announced over the PA system was a winner on a $5.00 or $1.00 machine...I wanted to scream since there were so few people playing those machines I guess all you had to do was spend $1.00. Leaving the Casino and heading into the elevator I asked if anyone won anything...not even one bonus game...shame on the Rivers Casino...maybe Pittsburgh can use Rivers for housing in a year or has a beautiful view.

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