I absolutely love the Trump Marina. Yes it is small and often less crowded but the employees, especially the dealers and floor supervisors are genuinely hospitable and fun loving. Its not full of lights and glitzy glamour but its not dingy either.

You can always find $5 gaming tables on a sunday-friday up to around 7 pm on friday evening. because of this combination I find it to be a relaxing friendly enjoyable gaming atmoshphere in my book the best in A.C. no comment on machine payback %. I stay away from one armed bandits and and dont play video poker much. however i didnt have any problems finding 9/6 J or better paytables at 25 cents and up denom.

The 24 hour cafe-forget the name of it has limited menu but food is good and service is not greatest but is sincere and efficient. Buffet not the greatest in A.C. All trump casinos in A.C want to promote the poker room at the Taj Mahal so trump marina does not have a poker room. if they did i would never leave to go to another casino. summary dont let the size and lack of billion dollar chandeliers fool you- everyone should play at Trump Marina. Hope this is Helpful! you wont Be Dissapointed, Player!

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