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Tri-State Racetrack & Gaming Center: Far From Being a Resort

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  • Tri-State Racetrack & Gaming Center: Far From Being a Resort

    Tri-State is now calling itself "Tri-State Casino and Resort" ....what a joke. This place is so far from being a "resort" that whoever made this name change better learn what a "real resort" looks like and how it treats is customers.

    My husband and I use to frequent this casino at least twice a month for several years and we ENJOYED playing during those years. You could have fun gambling...not necessarily winning...but you at least could play on the money that you put in the machines and it was good entertainment, and that's just what it should be...entertainment. This is not the case any longer!!

    The slot machines do nothing but "take" your money and you get absolutely nothing in return. You don't even win a few games to play on for a while. We're not looking for a "windfall" we just look for "playing time" and unless you are constantly feeding the machines with $20 one after another, you won't play long because the machines don't hit anything that gives you games to play on for a short while. You would have the same results at the end of the night, if you just walked in the door and handed one of the casino employees all your money and then turned around and walked would have just as much fun either way!! The Players Advantage Card Program is such a much money do you have to spend in order to earn enough points to buy a Coke or Hotdog?? The food we've had is good but let's talk about the price!?! And then there's the drinks from the bar.....a 6 oz. plastic cup used to make a drink that you are charged $5 to $6 bucks for.(or more depending on the drink)....don't you think at this price you could at least get a drink equal to the same size that you get in any other bar or restaurant in town for this price?? What makes everything at this place so much better and so much more expensive?? The money being raked in on the TIGHT slot machines should be enough to cover the cost of alcohol plus much more....but still the casino keeps on taking and taking.

    The new "non-smoking" rules is not what's killing this casino, it's obviously the management and the underlying "greed" that is obviously the "mission statement" for this place. Both my husband and I smoke and we had absolutely no problem taking a break and going outside to smoke when we needed. As a matter of fact it was better to take a break and get away from the slots to get a smoke....because it probably saved us about $500 or more because we weren't inside feeding the machines during this time.

    We frequent other casinos (mostly in the Southern states) on a regular basis and I have to tell you the "casino atmosphere" at Tri-State is that of "doom and gloom". There are no happy, smiling faces (even in the employees) and there is no sense of excitement on the casino floor. Everyone just appears to be like zombies, staring at slot machine screens hoping for something to "hit" so they can be excited about something. Just a few years ago the casino was filled with excitement, happy people, slot machines with "lights flashing and bells sounding", hand-pays, employees that truly seemed like they enjoyed their jobs, like the customers and would get excited for the customers if they hit a jackpot. During those days this place was a FUN place to be and that's why we came so often.

    This last visit we made will probably be our last.....neither of us enjoy gambling at this facility any longer. We like gambling in a fun and exciting atmosphere and we like having at least a "chance" to see a slot machine hit a jackpot either small or big....and the last 4 visits we've made here has shown us that the "chance" or "odds" of hitting anything at all is a "slim to nothing chance that it's going to happen"!!

    Good luck to all those who don't have the ability to travel else where to would be better off saving your money and spending some of it on "travel" to another casino, preferably outside of WV, where you will find that your "chances and odds" are a whole lot better of hitting a jackpot or at least making your money last longer when you gamble.

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