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Fort Sill Apache Casino: Great place

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  • Fort Sill Apache Casino: Great place

    To all the others who have said, "Where is the payout" : I respect your opinions and thoughts though and thank you for posting them.. However, with gambling comes inherit risks of losing money. Having **high expectations** of winning all the time while you are in any casino -- spending thousands or just a few dollars-- is just not realistic. Gambling is exactly that.. .GAMBLING. I am sorry that you feel as though the payouts aren't what you had hoped for. Someday, we hope, all of our ships will come in. IMO, consideration should be given to the quality of the entire experience (not just the payouts).

    Customer service at this little casino is a "A-B-C-D" thing (A)bove and (B)eyond the (C)all of (D)uty. All other casino gaming experiences should have this experiential aspect of hospitality. The upgraded facilities make it look like Las Vegas in Oklahoma and the entire experience has changed drastically in the last few years. The friendly service is awesome. The employees there make gaming fun...even when I'm losing my shirt! The TYPE of slots, the games, the Player's Club and all aspects are 5+ in my book. The food is excellent as the menu has expanded...and is amazing cuisine for a low price!! It keeps me there, rather than going across town to eat to come back and play more.

    Have I won and lost at Casinos? Sure, you bet. Do I wish that the payouts were more... Absolutely...but I don't **expect** to win. Gambling is entertainment at best..with a hope that winnings exceed payout. But realistically, the HOUSE always wins.

    This casino changed the customer gaming experience so dramatically in the last three years that the area can be proud of it -- now. Last year, this little Casino pumped $10 MILLION into the surrounding far as winners go they boast $465 million in payouts last year alone!! I've been in many places where the atmosphere is way beyond intolerable due to extreme smoke, **** dealings, ladies of the evening about the bar, etc...I would rather lose LOTS of money in this casino...than win BIG in a casino with those negative aspects lurking about.

    Give it another shot folks...and being a betting sort... I bet your luck will change...if you just look at things alittle differently.
    GREAT CASINO...keep it going. Hear they are building a hotel soon... and they can count me in as a guest!


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