I was expecting less but pleasantly surprised.

My games are JOB Video Poker and Blackjack and I have no opinions of other gaming options.

Outside of Nevada, good blackjack conditions are impossible to find. But at least Firekeepers (locally dubbed "Moneykeepers") offers several $5 tables - weekdays anyway. The $5 tables are usually full and hard to find a seat. I settled for a $10 table - a multideck continuous shuffle affair - at least six decks - dealer hits soft 17. I played for a half hour or so - left up $7.50

The Video poker choices were better than other Michigan casinos. Unless you are familiar with video poker, you won't understand the lingo but I found a bank of 25 cent 9-6 machines (bonus) which got most of my play.

One needs to pay attention to the pay tables - along the back wall (near poker room) there is a row of seemingly identical $.25/.50/1.00 denomination Multi game machines. But the VP JOB pay tables range from 8-5 to 9-5. You need to check each one if you are particular. If you play alongside the wife, as I do, one of you will most probably have a lesser paying machine.

If you prefer a bar top machine, you will find poorer pay tables. I didn't check each one but the most frequent was 7-5. And it didn't matter what denomination - $1 credits had same returns. Again - I didn't check every barstool.

Even after choosing the best paytable, one still needs luck. I was fortunate to basically break even during my 4 hour visit. Most play was at the $.25 level but when ahead (on house money), I would change to the dollar level.

In all, I found the place to be completely acceptable.

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