The Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn has become an organization led by thugs and goons. My wife and I have gone there for years celebrating many occasions as well as 'just for fun'.

We've spent lots of $ and won a few Jackpots over the years. Until a recent event, I would have recommended going there... BUT, the other night after playing for hours and losing several hundred dollars, my wife won a Jackpot! Yeah, we were happy! We got a little bit of our money back but most importantly we were having a great time.

Crowds gathered around to share our excitement while we waited for the staff to bring the money out. Then.. instead of bringing her prize, the manager came out surrounded by a group of aggresive/angry body guards to tell us her id was no good and the Jackpot would not be paid. This was the same id that had been used several times over the past eight years to collect winnings at that same place.

They have everything on computer so they knew that. The big boss waved his arms in my wife's face as she cried. Well.. I came unglued and cussed them out! ...then the goons came after me and 'escorted' me off the property leaving her alone in the place to try and reason with them. There is much more to the story but you get the point. They have turned into nothing better than an organized gang of high priced thugs. You might wonder if my wife got her Jackpot after all the drama? The answer is NO! Please don't waste your money there. It's not safe and they discriminate. I'll leave it there. This was my 'Muckleshoot Moment'...

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