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    I recently went to Red Hawk with my husband and was shocked by the rudeness of the Table games personnel. I asked for a 5 dollar table when they had 6 dead tables at 10 dollars and was told no. Very rudely! When I did play a 10 dollar table the dealer did not say a word to me! I have to agree that Red Hawk is being managed by people who are not used to California gaming.

    I was just amazed by the rudeness of the table games department because that is all I play. I am used to Pit bosses talking to me, dealers who say good luck and thank you when toked, but not here! No Thank yous and I was very upset when I witnessed a Pit boss talking to a dealer as if she was a piece of garbage.

    He asked her if she knew how to count. I felt so bad for her, I also witnessed a dealer crying on her game and no one pushed her out, she was obviously very upset with tears and still made to deal. I personally don't want to play with a dealer who is crying. The Table Games personnel are too busy talking to each other than providing good guest service to their customers. I felt like I was interrupting them when I asked for a comp.

    They only have a job because people come in to gamble. I felt out of place and will never go back there! I witnessed 3-4 Pit bosses standing around the podium talking and acting bothered by their dealers yelling out change 100. They made me feel bad about asking for a comp even though I had spent a reasonable amount of money there to warrant at least some breakfast. My husband who plays slots had a horrible experience as well he could not find anyone to help him and when he asked a slot person where the poker machines were they did not know. I would not recommend going to Red hawk casino unless you enjoy bad service.

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