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Belterra Casino Resort and Spa: Belterra on the blitz

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  • Belterra Casino Resort and Spa: Belterra on the blitz

    I've been a member of Belterra since the day they opened the doors. I live about 20 minutes away and can say that I have lots of experience with them. Belterra has changed for the worst in the past 6-8 months.

    They only seem to be paying out to the high rollers. Then everyone else takes the loss. The comping is a joke. The only thing they give out for free anymore is the soft drinks and they're self-serve. I have not been in six months and I was a weekly regular. My suggestion on all accounts would be to go to Grand Victoria, it's only another 20 minutes away.

    You would think that Belterra would want to keep their regular players but instead would prefer to give it to someone from out of state. All casinos change from time to time due to management and its just Belterras time. The atmosphere is tight, people are just tired of loosing. I have friends that still go and then want to complain. Best of luck if you decide to go.

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