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The Rivers Casino: A Nice Place for those In Pittsburgh

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  • The Rivers Casino: A Nice Place for those In Pittsburgh

    I have been to the casino about 10 to 15 times since it has open its door in August, and overall it is not that bad of a place. One thing that I found most impressive is the interior feels more like Las Vegas than Wheeling or Meadows. I recently returned from Atlantic City and found Rivers more impressive than the Boardwalk Casinos (Showboat, Resort, Any Trump Hotels) etc. But it still does not even come close to actually Las Vegas.

    Food is simply not up to par: the buffet food overall was par and the price based on the selection was a little too high, Andrews Steak House (the steak restaurant, about $30-50 per plate with Ala Carte Menu) was so-so, I had better meals up on Mt Washington and so forth. As for bar drinks, I found them to be average price especially being in the city. Bartenders and servers have been for the most part friendly, but sometimes it is difficult to get a drink from them when it is NOT BUSY (To me, they are usually out more on the floor on the weekends, but on the weekdays it may take them twenty minutes or so to come around).

    The casino floor and the restrooms are always clean and that I find little wait on most machines (except for the electronic blackjack or roulette tables, which I wait anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes for an open seat). One neat thing is that they have free complementary beverages stands (pops, sodas, coffees, etc.) throughout the casino.

    While most of the comments here are individuals complaining that slots are "too tight", I have walk out of the Rivers some nights with over $800 and some nights I lost my bankroll for the evening. While payout percentage does play an important factor, it is always based on your bankroll and level of play. To give you an idea of the type of playing I do: Bring around $200, play 5 cent, 25 cent, and 1 dollar machines. I also play all machines on max bet ($2.25 for nickels ((9 lines at 5)), $1.25 for quarters ((5 lines at 25 each)), and $5 on dollar ((5 lines at 1 each). Just remember that slots are random and that payout figures (85 cents for every dollar) does not mean every machine does that; it means that for every dollar that Rivers takes in it must pay out 85 cents. I cant wait for the tables to come in the next year so i can stop playing slots.

    I do have agree with the one post that the rivers promotional card and club are sub par compared to the other casinos around Western Pennsylvania. I currently only go down on Tuesdays for 6x points to hopefully earn by Black Card to get access to the 466 club (signature drinks that would cost $10-$20 elsewhere are only $2).

    Overall, it is a nice place to hang out in the evening with a group of friends if you don't want to really gamble. If you do want to gamble, then all I can say is the best of luck to you and hopefully your at the right machine at the right time!

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