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Turning Stone Casino Resort: Scary

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  • Turning Stone Casino Resort: Scary

    I have been visiting the Turning Stone Casino since 1995. I cannot believe I still go back. Friends and ties keep me going. But my pocketbook says no, stay away you fool. Like once a very old dear friend told me, "you stay there and wake up sleeping on your belly as the arrows stick out your back" jd 2005. So I probably will return, againt my better judgement, only to get wonded again. lava is fun, food is good depending on which restaurant you select. DONT GAMBLE IF YOU ARE SMART!!!! You will not win, eventually they get you.

    We all love superball, but it would be really nice if it paid at least 50% back to keep enjoying your evening and playing. Noone wants to get rich.. just want to have fun. When you find people "locked" in their rooms, in debt and despair, it is very sad. Happy Thanksgiving Love and Peace To All. By the way, spent a fortune the last time, could'nt even get a dinner comp. Sad, very sad. Peace Out.

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