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Philadelphia Park Casino and Racetrack: You cant win here

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  • Philadelphia Park Casino and Racetrack: You cant win here

    The blackjack machines at this place destroy people. I have never seen people win on these machines. The only results I have ever seen at this place is people steadily pumping twentys into the blackjack machines one after another.

    Situations constantly happening like players getting beat by twenty one in the hole...players who get dealt twentys. Other times players will not get good hands......ever.....ten....twenty bad hands in a row!!!!!!!!! And the dealer's getting blackjack.......non-stop. I've see four in five hands.

    This place has the odds so low on their machines. It's amazing I or anyone goes back to this stinky smokey as a house on fire, greasy pit. I took the time to drive to A.C. and my blackjack results at the tables with six decks and a dealer were way different......I got more blackjacks than the dealer...and left with $260.

    Philly Park double down on an eleven facing a get a three and the dealer somehow makes an amazing twenty.....six, flip a ten...ohhhhh a four!!!!!!! how lucky for the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This place has only one redeaming quality....those bucks county girls working there are the hottest I've ever seen at any casino!!!!!!!!

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