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Wheeling Island Racetrack & Gaming Center: Horrible Place to Gamble

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  • Wheeling Island Racetrack & Gaming Center: Horrible Place to Gamble

    Save your money if you plan on visiting Wheeling.....I read the reviews, especially about calling the same names every week and this person is correct. My husband and I thought we were hearing things when we kept hearing same names called each Saturday! What a farce. Thousands of people go through this place and they manage to pick the same names each week?
    Slots have become sooo tight that it is just plain work if you want to keep playing. When bus people go home for the day, the slots magically become a little looser for a few hours but not much.
    Their slot play is a farce also. They might as well keep the money. You cannot win anything playing with free slot play.
    Wheeling used to be our favorite place to go to have a good time and once in a while win a small jackpot. After 14 years of trying , we give up. Such a shame They could have had it all but became greedy. Our friends have already stopped going down to Wheeling but we stuck with it. We had to learn the hard way!!!
    Food is good but if you get one nasty employee who has had a fight with their spouse or worked too many hours etc. etc. , your dinner will be ruined too. Who feels like playing after all that boo hooing?
    Try eating in the Cove? Well, if you do, plan on cleaning your own table before placing your food down and they are not even busy!!!

    We usually liked to go and rewind from all week working. Not anymore, I have a list as long as my arm with the nasty stuff done to us.
    Their answer to the reviews are we strive to do better????? This has been the same answer received for 2 years!!!
    From now on, we will stay in Pa and also save our money to take one nice long trip to AC.
    What a shame!! You blew it Wheeling with your management!!!!

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