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Aria Casino & Resort: Aria is a huge let down

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  • Aria Casino & Resort: Aria is a huge let down

    I went to Aria with some friends on opening day. We all had high expectations, but we all felt let down. There is absolutely nothing extraordinary or different about this place. Driving in they were stopping every single car and checking their trunks. The employee told me that they would be doing this all the time.

    After parking we got into the elevators and had to walk a bit of a distance to get to the casino floor. I like it much better when elevators go almost directly into the casino, but it wasn't too big of a deal. Once inside, the entire place reminded me of an office!!!

    It was very bland. Dark carpeting, with dark wood, and brushed metal accents. This theme followed through the entire casino. As we walked through the gaming floor it gave all of us a very "ugh" vibe. We all wanted to go back to the Bellagio after only 10 minutes. Also, it makes you feel very separated because it's quite a distance to walk from the casino to the strip. Our entire group all agreed that we would never have a reason to go back. We ended up back at the Bellagio where it's brighter, smells better, and more lively. I grade this casino a C-

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