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Main Street Station Hotel & Casino: Super Stay at Main Street

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  • Main Street Station Hotel & Casino: Super Stay at Main Street

    We enjoyed our stay at Main Street. We received excellent service. My husband has recently been confined to a wheel chair and we needed a handicapped room. We took our daughter along to help us. We were so fortunate that they had just what we needed.

    One thing that was a little inconvenient was that the shower flooded and the water came out almost to the door. I had to use a lot of towels to dry the floor so there were no accidents. Might be feasible to install the shower where you walk in, sit down and closed the door.

    Since there are so many elderly I would like to suggest that they get a family or handicapped bathroom. I would have had to go into the men's room with my husband. Sometimes there is not enough time to get up to the room.

    Also, moving from Main Street to the Cal with the wheelchair was a challenge. I would not have been able to push the wheelchair up the ramp. Downhill is not bad, but the uphill is too steep. Luckily, I had my daughter to help me. Too bad their elevator does not go up all the way to the overpass.

    Everyone at Main Street was super helpful and very accommodating.

    We were very happy with the connecting room and we were completely satisfied with the arrangements and early check in.

    Thank you very much.

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