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  • Potawatomi Bingo Casino: Decent

    I don't play the slots much. Never win much on them anyway. I always go right for the table games, and almost exclusively blackjack. I have tried the $5, $10, and $25 blackjack tables and have won at all 3 at times. Don't get me wrong, I have had plenty of bad nights there, however when I have a good night, it's a great night. Last evening on a $40 buy in on blackjack, I left the table with $150 and had QUITE a bit of playing time. I'd say 90% of the dealers are very nice and personable. Also last night, on my way out the door, I stuck $6 into a $1 slot machine, hit max bet 3 times and cashed out $45. That of course is a rare occasion, but it was still nice to see it happen. I have seen a guy hit $970 on a $1 machine before.
    I have yet to try the buffet, but may try it soon. As far as waitresses, they are always around when I am at a table asking if people want drinks, so no complaint there. Other then losing money, I can't really say anything bad about the place. Since the remodel, it's beautiful there. As far as the smokey atmosphere goes... after July and Wisconsin's state wide smoking ban takes effect, it won't be a problem anymore.

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