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Parx Casino: smokie, horrible tight casino

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  • Parx Casino: smokie, horrible tight casino

    I have always played at Philly Park casino until now, the new Parx casino is very nice to look at, but go inside and you die of the smoke filled air. They put all this money into this casino and nothing into the ventilation, and no designated smoking and non-smoking sections, you have to put your card into the slot to see if you can smoke or not and nobody cares and nobody looks at this.

    Everywhere you look there is a haze over the whole place. The last time I was there I had to leave to go home and put a cold compress on my eyes, they were burning and bright red and I have no problem with my eyes, they even hurt for two days after I was there. And talk about tight----the machines are horrible, I had 45 free spins which should have given me at least $90-$100., and I got $10.00 really!!! I put a lot of $20.00 bills into the slots with not one win in return---how tight are the machines????? I will go to Delaware park to play from now on ---no smoking, clean and not so tight slots, I don't mind the drive because my health is more important to me.

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