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Mystic Lake Casino Hotel: not worth the trip

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  • Mystic Lake Casino Hotel: not worth the trip

    If you spend enough you get offers for free hotel rooms but the slot machines are so tight with NO payouts it just isn't worth the trip to get a free room with no payouts with their games. 4 of us went a couple weeks ago and not one of us was EVER ahead one time in a weekend Was never like that before but has gotten worse over time. Suppose they have to have extra money to pay for all the upgrades. But the hotel is really nice. The buffet use to be good until we realized they have the EXACT same thing day after day so after 1 day you don't want to go back. At Ribbon's they managed to screw up 4 meals so will never eat there again! The cafe is good, actually very good. I agree save up for a cheap flight and enjoy Vegas. At least there I played 4 days before losing the same amount I lost in 5 hrs at Mystic Lake!

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