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Choctaw Casino - Durant: Nice, but...

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  • Choctaw Casino - Durant: Nice, but...

    From 2/12/10 to o 2/14/10, I was eating, sleeping, and of course playing at the new Choctaw Casino in Durant. It is a really nice place. They have plenty of modern slot machines to play. On Feb 12, the machines were paying ok. You may end-up losing some but you will have plenty of opportunity to play as you win some and lose some. on Feb 13, the machines were really loose. I mean loose in the sense that you hear all buzzers going off on almost every machine. Jackpots at almost all types of games were that evening. Then come Sunday when I can't believe seeing almost everyone betting 50 cents or less because the machines we so tight. I expect to loose money but I didn't expect to see people being vocal about their disappointments. I guess the money for the 10k every hour give away as well as the new Lexus give away must come from somewhere.
    The service was good, not the best, employees seem to be caught off guard, in fact, many of them wouldn't know where the bathrooms are located. The ice machines run out of ice, the food businesses were not prepared for the turn outs, they closed the doors because they ran out of food. For a large Casino with experience in Casino under its belly, I think Choctaw performed poorly on their grand opening. I think it is a good casino that is worth visiting. They definitely impressed me with the machines variety, floor design, the extravagant indoor as well as outdoor(pool, mini golf course, quite sitting facilities, etc..) However, they have made a bad first time impression on me, and for that I will not go back to the Durant location again.

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