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Choctaw Casino - Durant: Worst run casino in history!

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  • Choctaw Casino - Durant: Worst run casino in history!

    It was like being in hell as described in the Bible! NO ROOM to walk, people crawling all over you to get by, trying to find a machine, they didn't look where they were going. The casino was letting some old woman HOG all the row of machines near the front door all day long.

    They knew she was doing that, knew people by the hundreds were looking for a machine to play and still let her hog those machines, UNETHICAL! There was NO ICE, no organized employees of any kind, we were shoved about like step children. No guidance from the casino staff organized the crowds at all or kept the people in line, kept them from being extremely rude and callus to other people's needs or feelings. I finally had to walk with my elbows out to keep the riff raff from shoving me around or pushing me down. I've never seen so many rude Texans in all my life! My Texas born folks would have punched their lights out for being so rude!

    NO MANNERS at all! The machines only hit for a few, it became totally hard to find a machine that would even play let alone let you win! Thanks to a Norman Attorney I am told that assisted the Chief in how to cheat the people out of their money so they would get more funds! HELLO? You rob the people, don't let them win, don't let them play and they will NOT come back! Will NOT refer you and NOT give you good ratings! Word of mouth speaks louder then any advertisement, or car give away! I would have enjoyed it if I had been able to PLAY, WIN a little but it was being all stolen to give it to ONE person! STUPID casino managers! WHEN WILL YOU LEARN? That is NOT fair play! It is just out right MEAN! Better to let many win then just ONE! Guess who WON'T be coming back? HELLO? This Choctaw is hishawwah!

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