It's very loud in here. It's a little less stinky from smoke as it has less carpet, younger crowd and good ventilation system. Table games are fun and crowded. All the table games are in a sunken area in the center with slots outside in an open walk way that circles the playing floor. they had some go-go dancers at the front of the pit and my husband enjoyed the free show.

We go to the Hard rock on every trip. There is a $7.77 off menu special (just ask your server for the steak special or the gamblers special). It is steak, a skewer of shrimp, salad, bread and some of the best mashed potatoes I've ever gotten in a restaurant. We learned about this deal on Rachel Ray's old show "$40 dollars a day" and we get it on every visit.

The bad part is that it is off strip so $ for cab ride or you have to drive. Since it's not good to drink and drive, even in Vegas, it's a challenge getting there. There is a "sometimes" shuttle back and forth to the strip, but the schedule is different every time we go and sometimes it's not running at all.

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