A tiny place with no hotel. There are concrete tables and benches outside and always people sitting there drinking and having a good time. Cocktail service is good. Except for the very busty (my husband called her "eye candy") waitress near the front, most of them are a bit over the hill, but very quick, friendly, and attentive. They really like to give out the free drinks here.

The table games are low limit, sometimes as low as $3, but the low limit games are not the best (no surrender, no re-split aces). The folks at the tables tend to be regular folk and I have always had a good time playing here even when I didn't win.

They have some really old, soon to be antique, slots and VP that are fun to play just for the heck of it. You never know if you'll ever get a chance to play some of them again since they are way past their prime and will be replaced someday with modern sterilized versions.

The bar has a progressive VP game and they had $2 Sam Adams the day we were there which my husband appreciated. The hot dogs smelled good as did the fresh baked bread from the Subway outlet in house.

There was no slot club open but a slot attendant got me a players card from somewhere in the back. It's a quirky place and not for everyone, but we visit on every trip just for the atmosphere. It's actually an MGM property. I think the only reason MGM hasn't torn it down (as well as the old Circus Circus next door) is because the real estate at the North end of the strip is not as desirable although with the Wynn not so very far away from North Strip, the area could be up-and-coming so someday in the not so distant future. And then the little Slots-a-Fun will be history. Go there while you can!

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