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Muckleshoot Casino: Constitutional Rights....the First Amendment

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  • Muckleshoot Casino: Constitutional Rights....the First Amendment

    I have to rant about how I was treated last night at the Indian Casino in Auburn, Muckleshoot. Being the weekend, they have not changed their policy about the gaming tables whereby one person can have two hands of cards playing, while alot of customers are waiting to play the games. When I spoke to the pitboss and complained they just said that was their policy...whereby I apparently spoke in a manner that upset her. Finally, I got on another table game and the next thing I know, security shows up and says I have to leave, whereby I said I was staying and then they said that Auburn police would escort me, if I didn't leave. So I left with security lapping at my heals and I told them that being in America we all have the right to free speech, where they tell me that the casino is a private facility and that they could charge me with trespassing...What has the world come to when a person gets threatened arrest for just trying to have fun at what I thought was a public place and for free speech no less...???!!!
    Just wanted to let other people know the situation at the indian casinos, where in the past I have spent alot of money and usually only get a minimal fun time, although I do enjoy their buffet. The indians have gotten too much power, because of the almighty dollar...they no longer get mine and I hope upon reading this that others that frequent this place would consider instead the alternative to gamble at a white man's casino like the Iron Horse or the American Casinos, since the indian casinos do not abide by the Constitution of the U.S.

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