Ok. I have been getting comp rooms and Q-play for a while now. I go maybe 3 times a year. But I have only won a large-ish jackpot once - $800. As others have stated, you hear announcements all night about large winners. Seems like they cater to high rollers only, while the low end players sit around with long faces and empty pockets. I for one, will not be returning! Why in the world would I want to throw my money away continuously? I recommend BORDERTOWN casino in Seneca. The only draw back, is the lack of a hotel. Sice I live in MO and all casinos are in OK, I usually prefer to stay overnight - hence the allure of Downstream. However, I have spent enough money on slots to pay for a weeks worth of rooms! Never again! Weren't they investigated by the gaming commission for having tight slots?

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