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Presque Isle Downs and Casino: Not Jealous

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  • Presque Isle Downs and Casino: Not Jealous

    To the person from Erie that needs to do his homework! First off, the slots ARE extremely tight and trying a winning strategy doesn't make a difference when the majority of the machines aren't paying. Moving to another machine is just putting money in a machine that isn't paying either. So, you end up playing musical slots and don't win anything.
    The players club is a joke as I've spent hundreds on the slots to find out that I have a $1.27 that I can put towards the buffet. The food is average and nothing to brag about. The drinks are scarce and only when you can flag a hostess down that seem to come around every hour or so and take 20 minutes to get back to you to keep you on a non winning machine.
    On the up side; I have won some decent amounts but then the next 6-7 visits I come home with nothing. And duh, you stay in business by paying out once in a while not ripping off players with the tightest slots that I've ever played. This is how you get return business! How many of you that played there have only heard the sounds of the machines raking in the money and nobody screaming that they won?
    When Ohio does get their act together and finally get the slots, Erie will be hurting and I suspect that the owner will sell and move to another part of the US and try the same tight slot strategy some where else.
    People seem to come back in hopes that the slots have loosened up and just MAYBE the management is getting less greedy. Plus to Ohio gamblers, it is the only close casino in the area.
    To sum it up: Mileage on your car to drive there only to give up your money, the tightest slots around, the smokey atmosphere and a terrible players club equals a very bad place to take your money.

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