Went up there on Monday. I became extremely dissatisfied with Winstar and started going to Choctaw. I have spent A LOT of money up there. Before you go up there realize something. They turned over almost all operations other than the casino to outside vendors. So when you run into a problem like I did with the check cashing operation it will take you 4 hours and multiple trips across the parking lot in the rain to get someone to help you....if you are lucky. Most likely you are going to run into two scenarios....you will be told that most everyone in the casino is not a Choctaw employee or you will be told that the person that needs to make that decision is not in the casino at the time.

Then after losing more I just decided that I didnt want to pay for the privilege to be treated like crap so I asked for a self ban form. I have done this before. It removes the temptation to go play somewhere that treated me bad. THEY COULDNT FIND ONE! It took forever for them to find the right form. Then while I was waiting I was told by a security guard that nothing was keeping me here and I should have the self control to not patronize a place that treats me bad. Pretty much telling me that I was less than a person cause I wanted to remove temptation and didnt do it the same way that he did.

They put lipstick on a pig. They open a multimillion dollar casino and didnt have the wrinkles ironed out. They give away their restaurants to outside vendors..ie losing gambling space.

Just keep going to down the road to shreveport or just go to winstar. At least there you know they are jerks and know what to expect.

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