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  • Biloxi, MS area casinos

    I just returned from the Biloxi area over Christmas.

    To my surprise my favorite casino was the Island View Casino in Gulfport. They had more new slot machines than any of the other casinoes in the area.

    Also to my surprise the biggest disappointment
    was Harrahs New Orleans. Before Katrina they would always have the newest machines in the area. This time they seemed to have the same machines. There Christmas buffet was $28 and was nothing special.

    It seems like all the coupons were for free play. That was alright by me as I played over $600 in free play over 6 casinos and collected
    over $500 after playing my free play. My best game was House of Hearts (lucky lucy).

    Best meal was at Farradays at the Isle of Capri.
    We had an $80 meal coupon.

    It was a nice way to end the year on our 31st casino trip.

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    Re: Biloxi area

    Is there a point you're trying to make ??

    Shoot, I've been to Vegas OVER 30 times & costs me near $250 just for airfare & you think 31 Casino trips is 'SOMETHING' ??

    I've also been to casinos in IL, MO, MS, IN, NJ, FL, IA, MI & Canada to name a few more...and if I lived in CA, I'd of visited LV monthly.

    31st casino trip ?? We're impressed---NOT !!


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      Re: Biloxi area

      Claire must have been drunk when posting this somewhat nasty reply. She is new here, so let's give her a break this time.


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        Re: Biloxi area

        Don't need a break, honey...unless you're SO impressed that someone's been to a casino 31 times !!! I'm not !!


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          Re: Biloxi area - Clarification

          Twyman has been posting messages on the discussion board for several years.

          Unfortunately, when we moved to our new web site, we lost the thousands of messages on our old discussion board and we are still trying to recover them.

          If we ever get the messages back, you would notice that Twyman writes about always winning money at the casinos while playing low-limit (usually nickel) slots.

          I have expressed doubts about how he could continually end up as a winner while playing games that have about a 12% to 14% house edge, but Twyman insists that it's true.

          I'm sure he wasn't bragging about the fact that he visited 31 casinos. Instead, he was just trying to say that, once again, he had a winning year on low-limit slots after making 31 trips to the casinos during the past year.


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            Re: Biloxi area

            Thank you.

            I do win because I base my trips on all the coupons we receive.

            The hardest trips we have are our three week trips to timeshares, I do not have coupons for those destinations But I do try and start each trip by starting at a place where I do have coupons.

            It has been fun this year trying to get to my timeshares without staying at motels.

            In May we went to a Newport Rhode Island timeshare. On the way we stayed we stayed at Belterra, Wheeling W. Va. Casino and Atlantic City. I had coupons from Belterra and freeplay in Atlantic City. On the way home I stayed at the same places.

            In Sept. We went to Deadwood, South Dakota and Lake Tahoe, Nevada. We stayed at Harrahs St. Louis, Harrahs Prairie Band in Kansas, Isle of Capri in Black Hawk, Colorado and Jackpot , Nevada between Deadwood and Lake Tahoe.

            On the way home we stayed at Las Vegas, Mesquite, Nevada, Black Hawk, Prairie Band and Home.

            I did not win at the Casino in Newport.

            I did not win at the Conneticut casinos

            I did win $500 on the overall trip.

            I won over $700 on our trip out west.

            The point is I am having fun trying to win all the time playing as little as I can with my money.


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              Re: Biloxi area

              Twyman: Give this housing thought some effort. With timeshares you belong to RCI or such. Forget the trade/bank of shares; ask about renting empty/un-used units where you want to go. We travel using off-season/demand. Our game is sleep cheap, not necessarly free. How does $140-170 a week sound for an efficency/timeshare. That's $20-24 a day...with a frig/stove, for 2-4 people. We stay in WI 12 weeks each summer [not far from Treasue Isle/Redwing, MN] for $22 a night. Sometimes the prise isn't worth the fight. Good Luck.