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Minnesota/Wisconsin/Michigan/S. Dakota casinos

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  • Minnesota/Wisconsin/Michigan/S. Dakota casinos

    One area that I've never been to is the north central part of the country and I know there are plenty of casinos up there. Can anyone give me any info about any bonus machines and coin-in/coin-out machines that may be up there. I'm particularly interested in .25 Bally gamemakers, .05 and .25 Williams brand machines(jackpot party, boom) and .25 Sigma brand video poker. Thanks.

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    Re: Minn./Wisc./Mich./S.Dak.

    We spent a week in Deadwood, South Dakota last September. They had a lot of small casino.

    The Silverado casino had 6 double diamond mine machines in a hexagon formation.

    Miss Kitties had a DDMine, a Cherry Pie and an old 9 line Wheel of Fortune.

    I would go up and down Main Street to check out the different banking machines.

    They had a Kool Kat game and a DDMine game at the Celebrity Hotel.

    Bourbon Street Casino and Bogada each had one Piggy Banking Machine.

    For penny games they had Money Honey, Lucky Lucy, Mr. Cashman and Fort Knox. Also you could find Zorro and Corrida de Toros.

    The Siverado and Mineral Palace were my favorite casinos when I wasn't going up and down the town looking for banking machines.


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      Re: Minn./Wisc./Mich./S.Dak.

      Thanks for the info Twyman.....maybe you'll allow me to pick your brain for a bit more. Can you get me a rough estimate of how many banking machines there were in town ? Were the banking machines mostly .25 or 1.00 ? And did any of the slot machines there pay out and accept coins.
      Thanks again.


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        Re: Minn./Wisc./Mich./S.Dak.

        6 Double Diamond Mines at the Silverado Casino.
        All quarters.

        1 dollar Double Diamond Mine at the Ironhorse Inn

        3 quarter piggy banking machines in 3 different casinos

        one quarter cherry pie, one quarter double diamond mine and one nickel 9 line wheel of fortune at Miss Kittie casino

        One quarter Double diamond mine and one quarter Kool Kat game at the Celebraty Casino

        About 15 in all and they all took coins.
        It felt like Back to the Future with all the old games.


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          Re: Minn./Wisc./Mich./S.Dak.

          Thank you Twyman for your responses. I know Nevada like the back of my hand.....feel free to pick my brain if there's something there that you're wondering about. Thanks again.


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            Re: Minn./Wisc./Mich./S.Dak.

            Are there any Odyessy Fort Knox or Odyessy Buccaneers around in Nevada?


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              Re: Minn./Wisc./Mich./S.Dak.

              Twyman, there were a few Odysseys left last year in Nevada. The Golden Nugget in Laughlin had 2 quarter machines left with the 4 play video poker only. This is not the playoff poker but the western themed 4 hands at a time VP. The New Frontier on the strip had 2 quarter and 2 nickel odysseys left. The menus included all-american keno, some non-playoff VP, and either the fort knox or the pirates treasure game on them. The Golden Gate in downtown Vegas, next door to the Golden Nugget I believe, had 2 quarter machines left with playoff jacks or better , and either the pirates treasure or fort knox, or both, I can't quite remember. Those are the only ones left that I know of. Good luck.