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The Rivers Casino: Nice place to play;Fun atmosphere

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  • The Rivers Casino: Nice place to play;Fun atmosphere

    I'm really surprised at all the negative reviews. I always have a good time when I visit the Rivers. I really enjoy the Virtual blackjack and prefer it to the actual tables. You actually have time to think and talk to the people around you, without feeling like you're holding up the game. Plus, it's always fun to hear a virtual dealer yell at you for taking too much time. I honestly believe the Tablemaster machines deal a fair game. I've seen nasty 8 deck shoe games where the dealer keeps making hand after hand. No difference, really. I once witnessed 8 dealer blackjack's in one shoe! Stuff happens. You're just getting more hands per hour with the machine. On to the actual Rivers review. I don't base my like/dislike on a property strictly based on wins/losses. If you're not going to the places for fun, then you're missing out. Here are the positive points:Bus lobby area:This is a very nice feature that more casinos should offer. If you happen to go bust during your visit, you have somewhere to sit down and mingle with other patrons.Self-service soft drinks: Very nice. For the times you can't get a server. The servers do a good job for the most part. It's nice to have that option.Atmosphere:This is one of the main reasons I like the Rivers, more than Presque Isle/Meadows. It's just fun all around. For the most part, people seem like they are there for enjoyment. Nice mix of people. You get the younger crowd you don't see at the other two and also some middle-aged and older folks. Always fun to get everyone fist bumping after a nice run. Not so much at the Meadows.Free play: They have been very good with freeplay. They are always running freeplay promotions during the day and are pretty generous with it. You just have to be playing at a machine when they do the drawing.Dislikes. Now onto a few things that need improvement:More TITO change machines: There's not enough of these on the floor. There shouldn't be a need to go to the cashier.Placement of slots:They appear to be thrown out there, with no rhyme or reason. It would be nice for example, if they could group all the Gamemaker machines together, so you don't have to keep wandering around looking for one with the game you want to play.Overzealous cleaning crew: I got an umbrella from the freeplay one day and came back. Well, some of the other patrons told me the cleaning lady took it. I've read the same thing about cigarettes and other stuff. Maybe the person just went to the restroom or to cash something out. No need to take stuff from an area without warning.I will close by saying I really enjoy my time here. A casino is in business to make as much money as possible. They don't owe you anything and you don't have to step foot in their establishment. I don't think it's fair to judge a property totally on wins/losses. Positive variance is the only thing keeping you ahead. Otherwise, everyone would be a loser.

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