I stayed at Motor City's casino hotel Wednesday the 21st and parked in the parking lot. About 9:00pm I came back to grab something then about 1:30 to find a security guard near a chevy suburban that i parked next to and I asked the guard what was going on. I said that i parked my truck here and it was gone. He told me to go look around and see if i could find it. I saw Moreseen oil rags on the ground that were in my truck so i told him that and he said to give him about 15 min. So after 25min he took me up to the security office to fill out a report. Then they told me parking here was like parking at cvs"s parking lot so after an hour goes by i asked them if they called the police to make a report. They told me that wasn't their job. I figured that out when they found the truck next to mine was broken into that they would of looked on their high tech cameras and seen they went from his truck to stealing my truck and when i told them that they never anseered. When i wrote to them Thank you for contacting Motor City Casino Hotel! Our parking structure is very secure and is monitored 24 hours a day by our Security department. IF you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us directly and when i did they told me nothing again

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