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Charles Town Races & Slots: NOT GOOD

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  • Charles Town Races & Slots: NOT GOOD

    I live only 15 minutes away from this casino so I am able to go often, thus, I recently became a black card member in their player's choice program. This is a joke. All this means is that I have lost a lot of money. Their free slot play given each month is a joke. It seems that the more you go and gamble, they give you less each month. I can wait in line just like everyone else and their special parking area is no big deal. In fact one night I parked there a car was parked in the driving lane not a parking space blocking the way to get down that lane. I informed the security guard about it when we walked into the casino and he could care less. Never did anything about it. That seems to be the way of most of their employees -- they could care less, are rude and lazy. If you have a problem with a machine you have to wait forever or go try to track down a floor attendant. They definitely need to hire more employees - hopefully with better training and a better attitude. The food is horrible and too expensive. During the weekdays very few of their food outlets are open. Scanning your player's card at the kiosk is a joke also. Big deal - you get either 2 or 5 extra entries in the drawings. Talk to any of the regulars and they will tell you that the machines are tight. Your money won't last long at this place. Their slot machines are boring compared to some of the other casinos I have been to - they don't have the high graphics, interacting machines that a lot of other casinos have. Also, many of their slot machines throughout the casino at any given time are not in working condition. We have started to drive to the Hollywood Casino at Penn National in Pennsylvania....Even though this is owned by the same company as Charles Town Races & Slots there is no comparison. Hollywood in Pennsylvania is a much more pleasant, fun experience, your money goes a lot farther, their player card comps are very good. We will make that 2-hour drive anytime over a 15-minute drive to Charles Town Races & Slots. Charles Town Races & Slots needs to wake up and listen to their patrons.

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