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Best Place to Play Craps in Tunica, MS

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  • Best Place to Play Craps in Tunica, MS

    I just returned from a trip to the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, and I was surprised by the higher payouts on place bets at the craps tables there.

    I think you should mention these higher payouts in your Best Place to Play Craps section in the 2009 edition of the American Casino Guide.

    A $30 place bet on the 5 or 9 pays $36.50 at the Horseshoe, better than the standard payoff of $35 elsewhere in Tunica.

    A buy bet on the 4 or 10 does not require a commission unless the bet is won, and even then the commission on a $30 bet is only $1 on your $60 win!

    There is apparently more to know about a craps game than the amount of odds that are allowed, or whether the field bet pays triple on the 12, although that is another bit of information that I think is very important for readers who play the field on a regular basis.

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    Re: Best Place to Play Craps

    I will try to keep that in mind for the 2009 edition.


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      Re: Best Place to Play Craps

      Just to get the facts straight:

      A $30 place bet on 5/9 in ANY casino pays 7 to 5 which would be $42 NOT $35 or $36.50

      I think what the first poster meant was a $25 BUY bet on 5/9 when you pay commission after the win is $36.50 assuming that this casino works with 50 cent chips.

      The math would be $25 pays $37.50 minus $1 commission = $36.50


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        Re: Best Place to Play Craps

        That sounds correct to me.

        Sorry I didn't catch it myself.

        I just don't play craps too often, except for low-stakes in downtown Las Vegas every once-in-a-while for fun.


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          Re: Best Place to Play Craps

          The thing to remember at the Shoe is that all bets $10 and over are automatic buys. Therefore a $10 5/9 pays $14.50 (yes a 50 cent piece!) and the 4/10 pays $19.50. That $30 5/9 would pay $44.00!