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Viejas Casino: Huge casino, nice,

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  • Viejas Casino: Huge casino, nice,

    Well, Viejas Casino has a very delicious buffet, one of the best in my opinion.....delicious crab legs...etc.There is a random jackpot in a couple of machines in one of the main entrances ....but for me slots machines are tight ....i have never won something medium or Viejas.The view during the driving to get there from San Diego is nice.The Casino is huge, and sometimes at the begining i got lost lol.... if you want a beer....good luck .....i really donĀ“t remember to buy a beer there because is to huge that i just got tired triying to find it...viejas Casino is a Labyrinth.....In my first times playing in Viejas i remember ....i won just a couple of know, $40 , $ last times over there.....0 zero, nothing.....the casino has a nice outlet plaza in front of it, you can go and something etc...The atmosphere inside the casino is warm, lights are nice and warm.....In my opinion Viejas Casino is to play a little while on slots machines, go to the outlet plaza, go to the delicious buffet, walk around, drink a beer, a coffee , etc...i mean is to have a good time....while you are playing a 1Cent machine with 20 lines,,,,no more...Loloh by the way, customer service is good.

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