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Charles Town Races & Slots: Reality Check

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  • Charles Town Races & Slots: Reality Check

    Here's a reality check -- you do not have a constitutional right to a $5 blackjack game. Table limits are based on customer demand. If they can fill up tables with $25 and $50 limits, why in the world would they lower the limit to $5 to accommodate a couple low limit players? And why in the world would a casino want to fill up its available seats with $5 players, who can buy in for $100 and sit at the table for hours upon end without bringing any additional revenue to the casino, and take available seats away from valuable $25+ players, who have the potential to generate thousands of dollars of casino revenue? If people are willing to pay $25 for a widget, the widget maker doesn't lower the price to $5 just to accommodate "lower limit" people. Why would a casino be any different? Casinos don't operate under some so******t system separate from the real world. If you are upset because you go to the casino and can't play $5 blackjack, you really need a reality check. You are probably the same kind of person who gets upset that they can't get a $20 dinner comp after you lost 50 bucks playing tables and slots. If you can't afford to play more than $5 blackjack, maybe you should just stick to your penny slots, or stay away altogether? Or, better yet, start your own casino, offer nothing but $5 blackjack and cater to all the "lower limit" people, and see how long until you are forced into bankruptcy. But trust me, the casino won't lose any sleep over losing you and your $5 betting friends.

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