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Coeur DAlene Casino Resort Hotel: A marred jewel. with incredible potential,

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  • Coeur DAlene Casino Resort Hotel: A marred jewel. with incredible potential,

    I write this review as both a customer and an employee. I currently service the video gaming machines on the casino floor. Even though we struggle with daily oppression, for the most part, we tend to take a bit of pride in our jobs. A lot of us really do have the customers' best interests at heart. However, from being "the little guy" and being a minority (for a tribal owned and operated casino), our efforts are rarely noticed. If I can get customers to continue playing games and spending their hard earned money, I get a "good job". A while back, we had consistency awards for outstanding customer service, quality work, and satisfied gamers. Today, if people aren't dumping their entire bankroll into the machines, then we are to blame. We rarely get opportunities to socialize and become familiar with our oh-so-essential customers because we are either shorthanded, or expected to accomplish more than possible. We are to leave a customer within about 30 seconds after helping them. We are to announce any progressive wins, even those around $800. Today, these are good wins. Yet only a year ago, we used to announce jackpots anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000 (or more on occasion.) When we payout jackpots, we (the Floor Attendants) used to receive anywhere from $20 to $500 as a tip. Now, we are forced, by policy, managers, and security, to pool our tips we make with all shifts. This is not a problem, as it generally evens out. But suppose I made $100 while going out of my way to satisfy a customer. I then have to share that with other people that did nothing extraordinary. Working complaints aside, we have great customer service, who, for the most part, just want to be happy and earn their paychecks. They like to talk and assist customers when needed. Food and beverage at the casino, is another matter. The food does come from boxes. The soups come in large bags of powder. Most of the food served in the buffet is only steamed to prepare it. The cooks have too much to do to ensure quality taste. From first hand experience, they only care about getting the food to temp. Our Sweetgrass Cafe used to serve excellent dishes. From Kobe steak to our somewhat famous prime rib dip. Our Country fried steaks were top notch, and much better than the breaded rocks served in the buffet. Since we expanded our cafe (just after our Pizzaria phase), our quality has gone down. We have a highly praised chef as our Executive chef, but knowing how to cook and knowing how to run a business are two different things. Just having one chef who can cook does not make a real difference to the customers, especially when he has to be bogged down with paperwork instead of prep work. While we try our best to please our customers, we have three things that hinder our goals. 1) a semi-oppressive work environment 2) we are a casino, and casinos are not built on winners and 3) (most importantly) complete hypocrisy of the original mission statement and guiding principles. They may as well take our plaque off the wall and burn it. It should be replaced with "make money anyway possible. no matter what. Then give us your money because we earn. we're native." (I don't mean any disrespect for hard-working, friendly native americans. I only want, and need to say, there are a few bad apples, and this place, well as we say over the PA system all the time: We got it all!)

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