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Table Mountain Casino & Bingo: no fun no more

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  • Table Mountain Casino & Bingo: no fun no more

    we have been going to table mountain for many years. we use to love the place. the new machines cost more to play, they are getting rid of all the old slots. you can;t win there anymore. we use to be able to play forty dollars for a few hours, we didn't win much, but were able to have a good time. now,you better be ready to leave in about an hour. or even less time then that. we looked around one day and saw that no one was doing very well. there is really no such thing as a jackpot any more. you can't usually afford to play three dollars at a time and even if you could, the odds are against your winning a jackpot. we really believe the machines are so tight in order to pay off all those mega win bonuses they pay. that is when we stopped winning anything there. we really just wanted a place to go for a few hours and we love to play the slots, but if you are in and out in fifteen minutes, well. we will have to find a new hobby

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