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The Meadows: Terrible.

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  • The Meadows: Terrible.

    Just got back from The Meadows. Ridiculous is the only word that accurately represents how tight the slots were. I brought my mother here to celebrate her 75th birthday...what a mistake. $600 spent between us and neither of us had a win over $25. I have been to casinos everywhere and I do not expect to win, but, I at least have a reasonable expectation of having some fun while I'm losing. I did not. Neither did she. Did I mention the $600 was gone in under 2 hours? They never even kissed me. Once I realized how unbelievably tight the slots were I started talking to people and watching the payouts on the machines around me. Guess what? NOBODY was hitting anything bigger than $25 and hits of ANY size were few and far between. Big surprise, huh? The slots manager needs to seriously re-think the business model. Nice looking place but then it ought to be the way they fleece you. Never...I repeat, NEVER...going back there and I absolutely cannot in good conscience ever recommend it to anyone. Mountaineer and Wheeling are only a short drive away so why bother?

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