First of all. Let's get a few things out of the way. Snoqualmie casino has the tighest slots in the state of Washington. The place is in heavy debt. This is not just personal observation it is fact. A buddy of mine used to be a slot supervisor there and told me they set the paybacks to the state minimums of 75 percent. At those odds you might as well just flush your money down the toilet. You can touch the screen, rub the side, twirl in circles, makes no difference you will lose your shirt.More info on the slots at snoqualmie:These are electronic pulltabs. I believe that management has been known to pull a batch of pulltabs that have many jackpots left, only to leave the low paying winners.If you NEED to gamble on the slots just play the minimum.Blackjack seems like a fair game. However their roulette and craps seems extremely sketchy. On weekends no one is winning at craps. 7 seems to come up more often then it should. Remember they are completely UNREGULATED.FREE MONEY ADVICE:After you open a player card there and play a little they will send you free coupons. Simply redeem your coupons and LEAVE. That is the only way you will win.Quite honestly this place is to be avoided. You CANNOT win anything here on the machines, PERIOD, end of story. Take the free money and run.

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