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Charles Town Races & Slots: Charles Town Has Forgotten the Seniors

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  • Charles Town Races & Slots: Charles Town Has Forgotten the Seniors

    I have been coming to Charle Town, WV for years and with me I bring my mother and sister, It is a mini vacation. I know I am going to lose and I usually lose big, at least for my standards. There are times I could have taken an European trip with what I have lost. Over time I had worked up to a Gold Card with nice promotions for all of my loses. I was getting free weekly $100 slot plays, a free room at their Hotel and money for the food court. Now that the tables are in, Charles Town is catering to those players. I have been down graded to a silver card, because I don't come enough and I got $15.00 for free slots. For November I am only getting $10.00. When I complained, they said I don't come enough, I explained to them that I am doing what I have always done. I do believe they have forgotten it was the buses bringing in the Senior Citizens and some of the lower wage people that kept the place open. Now that they have the Tables we have been pushed to the side. Another case of Social Classes, The Have and The Have Nots. Shame on West Virginia.I draw Disability Social Security, my mom is retired in is 80 and my sister works. We live in Virginia, a two hour drive for my sister and me and a 4 hour drive for my mom. So we can not come as often as we like. I can't, because like most seniors I have to save so I come every 2 to 3 months.Well this will probably be my last trip to WV, I know there will be someone else to take my place. The world will keep rotating and the sun will come up. I just wanting to get that out there on how I feel.Just a nobody to Charles Town Races and Casino

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