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Parx Casino and Racetrack: Stinky joint

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  • Parx Casino and Racetrack: Stinky joint

    This place is a terrible disappointment. It looks like they put a lot of money into it, but they just take peoples money and treat them like crap. The crowd is kind of creepy and the service is almost non existent. The worst part is that it is seemingly impossible to win anything. I have never played machines that are so tight. You can put $100 into a dollar slot and hit nothing more than 2 or 5 credits once or twice. The penny machines are almost as bad. Play 60 credits, maybe win 20 credits back every 5 spins. It's boring, insulting and extremely frustrating to play here. We will never go back. We tell everyone we know how bad that place is. The management couldn't be more thrilled that they are raking in incredible profits while devastating their community. I can picture them laughing at all the stupid patrons who fork over their money to them.

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