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Rhode Island Slot machine paybacks?

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  • Rhode Island Slot machine paybacks?

    The information for Rhode Island slots shows 92% payback for 5, 10, & 25 cent slots.

    I have picked up Audit Tickets that show 'Cash in' and 'Cash out' values. Simple math of deviding out by in results in the following paybacks: 65%, 63% 73% 75% 80%.

    This is for only the five machines that I have slips for. Am I missing something or, is this really bad payback?

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    Re: Rhode Island Slot machine paybacks

    I spoke to a representative from the RI Lottery, which regulates the machines, and he explained that those numbers only count the money put into the machine and the money paid out.

    It does not count the credits played on the machine, which results in a much higher payback percentage.

    He said the actual paybacks at both casinos were around 91%.