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Ellis Island Casino: ELLIS ISLAND things are changing

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  • Ellis Island Casino: ELLIS ISLAND things are changing

    For those of us that know about Ellis Island, we like it. It has great Micro Brewed Craft Beer, low priced restaurant specials, and some say the best Bar B Q in Las Vegas. The Steak Special has been on the Las Vegas Advisor top ten list for as long as I can remember, although the price has gone up steadily on a gradual basis. After all, with the current state of the economy why not raise your prices. The saving grace is now you get a beer or root beer with the steak special, like it or not. The table games are usually $5 minimums, 3 or 4 Black Jack tables, a full sized Craps table has been added, and one lone Roulette wheel that's open sporadically depending on how busy the casino is. Blackjack still pays 3 to 2 as far as I know, but knowing the current trend I wouldn't be surprised if that also goes the way of the carrier pigeon. The price of a pint of beer recently went up to $1.75, and the well and call drinks are still lower than the strip, but what would one expect from a casino that's adjacent to a Super 8 Motel? The steak special is still $6.99 as far as I know, but the Prime Rib has gone up to over $10. You can find a menu on their web site, Ellis Island Casino. The slots are of the usual variety, and there are a few good Video Poker machines scattered about if you know where to find them. See VPfree2 web site. It's always a good idea to learn Video Poker strategy and pay schedules before attempting to play Video Poker, it's not like table poker or Texas Hold Em. It's really one of the best forms of casino gambling available. Take a look at the American Casino Guide book, (this web site) an outstanding value and it has some great coupons for Ellis Island, out of state residents only. The deals were so good the locals bought numerous books and used the coupons so much the casino adopted a policy of out of state users only. That's how good they are!Armed with the American Casino Guide and coupon book Ellis Island is a must stop for any out of state visitor.OK, where is this place? It's only a block away from the Strip. From the Strip (Las Vegas Blvd), You take Flamingo east (away from the freeway) down two lights to Koval Ave, go right and it's about a hundred yards down on the left, just look for the Yellow Super 8 Motel sign.If your coming from the airport it's on Koval past Harmon on the right. So you just tell the cab driver to take Koval, not the strip unless you want an hour long cab ride. OK, it's not the Bellagio. It's geared for the Low to Moderate roller type, or value conscious consumer. But if you can appreciate a good deal and don't mind a blue collar crowd this place might be for you.Oh yeah, they also have Karaoke in the bar most nights with some of the worst singers you ever heard. Hey what the heck, your from out of town so nobody will ever see you again, go ahead and embarrass yourself!I'd say you better take advantage of this place before it goes away. The planning commission is talking about building a stadium nearby and will exercise it's right of eminent domain, but that won't be until the economy picks up some, at least a few years. Enjoy it while it lasts!Ben Jammin

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