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  • A new way to play

    A Player walked up to the Black Jack Table I was playing and threw down 5 one hundred dollar bills and said 'just black". The Dealer gave him 5 one hundred dollar(black) chips. This Player puts all five in the betting square, this is table limit. The Dealer yells "black action" and gives everone the cards. The Player gets a pair of 9's, digs out another $500 and splits his hand against a Dealer 5. He gets another 9 on one hand (he splits again with another $500 purchase) and a deuce on the other. Again he digs out another $500 and doubles for a nineteen.He holds a 16, an 18 and the doubled 19. The other Players conclude their hands and the Dealer busts. So the guy wins $2,000 on his first hand. He continues playing, winning more than he loses, until the black chips are all but depleted from the tray. The Pit Bull (Pit Boss) calls for a fill. The black chips are delivered and play is resumed. But now our Hero plays one red chip ($5) instead of the black chips. He continues at $5 and gets as excited about a $5 win as a $500 win. You had to be there.