Recently went to Rivers Casino and utilized their complimentary beverage area in the back near the High Limits Area. Filthy!! No reason for that because it was 2AM and the Casino was pretty empty. An employee walking by stopped to clean the area (gathered the trash but left the empty creamers and spilled cream on the counter) and remarked "we shouldn't have to clean this sh**, people coming to this place are grown a** people and we have to clean up after them." Looked at his name tag to obtain his name (only had a first name) and overheard him threatening other employees with "I am going to write you up", "If you don't do blah, blah blah, you will be written up" after I just seen the young gentleman cleaning his heart out and taking pride in what he was doing on his way to the beverage area. The areas behind him and his cart were spotless. I am assuming the gentleman that stopped to gather the trash is some sort of supervisor but to do this in front of patrons is ridiculous. That to me was so disrespectful to both myself as a patron and to the employees in the beige shirts. We didn't make the mess, just so happened to be at the complimentary beverage area at that time. I was embarrassed for the both of us. I went to Rivers for entertainment but will definitely find my way a little further south where you don't find this kind of disrespect. Have not been back since and don't have any intentions on going back! Wrote a letter to the General Manager regarding this issue and never received a response. I suppose Rivers needs to teach its management staff a few things before you will ever find a pleasant environment for entertainment! Rivers could be a beautiful Casino, variety of slots and table games (did not see any $5 tables), but with when you experience management treating employees this way, it leaves a very bitter taste in one's mouth! For a moment I forgot where I was, I thought I went to Wheeling Downs to the dog races with the employees being the dogs! Shame on you Rivers for permitting this to go on.

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