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Fire Lake Grand Casino: Changed for the worse

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  • Fire Lake Grand Casino: Changed for the worse

    The Grand used to be the only casino in the state I would reccommend to people, but now I don't really know of any I would advise to hit on a trip here. Grand has recently had a change in leadership and they have taken a turn for the worse in regards to pay outs on the slots, many regulars have commented to me about this and I am seeing it very much the last couple of months. While it used to be that you could get at least minimal hits on machines, now the norm has become zeros in the win column, not even down side wins are common anymore. The average used to be 1 in 6.8 machines were a good bet to get at least enough to keep you playing, the last month of play for me has been 1 in 11.3 machines and as I stated it is not just myself but every regular I talked to lately has said the same. Bad enough that two whales by Oklahoma standards have quit coming in according to a couple of the employees I talked to. The food as always is still very good and you will be hard pressed to find a better value than the Grandstand sports bar for both drinks and food, the Poker room is still the second best in the state and the table games are what they are with the addition of some two dollar Blackjack tables in the Party Pit. But if you are looking for a place to play slots, just say no. A heads up to the new manager you will continue to see the handle drop if ya keep doing business this way, the tour buses are not enough to keep you running when the locals close ya out and your business model is hurting your bar and restaurant employees.

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