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Yakama Nation Legends Casino: smokey, slots very tight,as well as any other game

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  • Yakama Nation Legends Casino: smokey, slots very tight,as well as any other game

    if you want lung cancer,you might as well go there there is a high possibility you will get it ,and the worst part is that you won't have money to pay for your medications cause they keep all that you take They used to have denomination slots years ago and back then the odds of winning, or at least breaking even most of the time, were pretty fair. Now, like three years ago, they got rid of the old slots and got new multiple line ones and the problem started right there. I lost on every visit since. Most of them are anywhere from 20 to 100 lines so you bet a dollar just to play .1 cent per line so even if you do get a good combination the payout is ridiculous. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.Table games horrible i have seen people lose thousands of dollars in less than an hour, for instance spanish 21 they used to have the eight deck shoe and people would play and get the matches fairly often but once they addicted the people they changed it you a six deck and the odds of matching the dealers card dropped significantly so won't recommend that ok but expensiveMy own personal experience was bad and I decided to self exclude myself from there for life because I kept promising myself I wasn't going anymore, but I kept going since it is the closest one around. It's about 25 miles from where I live. I decided to give it a chance with $1,000. $100 per day and lost the ten times so it was $1000 in ten days and enough was enough. Not to mention that when I went to sign the document for self exclusion the lady tried to convince not to do it. I have been out of there for ten months and this nightmare was just part of my life ...............I do go once in a while to the Wild Horse its about the same but since it is far away i don't go, nor lose as much.

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