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Hollywood Casino at Penn National: Good convenient casino

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  • Hollywood Casino at Penn National: Good convenient casino

    I have had overall a good experience at Hollywood. The key I believe is to go on Friday nights. I have won a couple times on Fridays two weeks in a row. Once for 900 on two different machines, and once for 689 on two different machines. The happy hour at the Sky Box is great if you are a beer drinker, they have 2 dollar beers from 9-11. I wish I could get some bigger hits once and a while, but I not having anything else to base that off of, it is a fun place to play. Sundays are fairly tight for some reason. I have not tried playing during the week as my schedule is not conducive to that, but perhaps one time I will go in the afternoon one Friday. I have also good things to say about the food. A little pricey, but the Epic Buffet was well... epic. The other time I ate the food was last Friday when I had a hot dog for 2.50, a little more than say a gas station, but better quality. I take that back, it was only .50 cents more than my last gas station hot dog. I hope the new casino gets approved in Mechanicsburg as I would only be about 5 minutes from that one...

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