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Showboat Casino-Hotel: Terrible experience and terrible management. Neve

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  • Showboat Casino-Hotel: Terrible experience and terrible management. Neve

    My girlfriend, sister, her boyfriend, and I stayed at the showboat on a Saturday night. After going to bed at around 1, we were woken up around 4 A.M. by management asking us to leave for repeated noise violations. We had not spent any time in the room, besides going to sleep (which we had been doing for 3 hours). Told them we were not leaving and shut the door. 20 minutes later, the cops broke down the door and rudely escorted the four of us out at 4:30 a.m. They charged us an extra $110 for the door "we broke." Management was extremely rude, and would not listen to our concerns. Nor did they even consider that four people in pajama's in a spotless room could have possibly NOT been the cause of the noise coming from the room next door (the room next to us had about 10 people and were partying all night). Before you save money on a cheap room here, think about whether you want to risk have a wonderful trip go completely wrong due to the incredibly incompetent management that runs this place. It doesn't save money when you're charged for double the amount you had expected to pay.Also, check-in took about 45 minutes because only two people were at the desk.Su-Su the bartender was the only pleasant part of the experience,I have a suite booked for valentine's day weekend which I will now switch to a different establishment.I plan to post this review on every website possible. After paying $150, I would expect to be NOT woken up, escorted out by the police, and charged for the door they broke down. I know a similar story will not likely happen to many guests, but I want it to be known how their management handles their customer concerns.

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