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Hollywood Casino at Penn National: Security glich

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  • Hollywood Casino at Penn National: Security glich

    I enjoy going to Hollywood casino because it is a beautiful atmosphere and the sky box is quite fun during happy hour. However, the one time I decided to take my mother and her friend with. We had a really good time and spent a lot of money. First we went to the Sky Box for dinner and drinks....downfall was that you can't order a drink while you still have a sip left in your glass and then when your drink is empty it takes forever to get a refill. It doesn't make sense, but apparently it is the law so I can't hold it against the casino. However, once the night was over I was cashing in my vouchers and my mom and her friend were hanging out nearby. They heard a song that the nearby band was playing and started to dance a little and laugh. It wasn't anything to really draw attention. All of a sudden a swarm of security guards surround them saying that they're intoxicated and that they need to escort them out to their car. BUT, they aren't allowed to drive. I was also drinking but apparently since I wasn't dancing, I was "ok" to drive. Ehhhhh. Now, our hotel was a mile down the road. Hollywood casino nor anywhere in Grantville, PA offer cab services or shuttles, unfortunately. We weren't allowed in the casino and I was the driver and probably shouldn't be. But, we would have froze outside because it was during the winter months. We offered to walk the mile, but the casino wouldn't let us. So I had to try to drive my mom's friend's standard car which was a complete disaster. I don't know why they found her and her friend to be so suspicious. My mom is a professional and doesn't even give off a suspicious vibe. Her friend works for the state. I don't understand what hollywood's problem was, but they will never return again because it was so embarrassing. I'm thinking that they were bored and nothing was going on because it was roughly 6-7 security officials that worked for the casino. Maybe they were running a drill and decided to pick someone out and cause an issue. Either way, it was absurd! They are lucky I even go back!

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